Jean Marc La Roque was born in Cherbourg, a seaport in Normandy, north west France.

He has worked as a professional photographer for the last 35 years and has lived in Melbourne since the late 70’s”.

Jean Marc is an award winning photographer and has extensive experience in the Asia- Pacific region. He has specialised in large scale industrial, shipping and architectural photography and has been very successful in commercial photography and corporate portraits. His landscapes are very graphic with an abstract quality, perfectly reflecting the intensity of the Australian light. He often includes large scale industrial elements within these landscapes to give a sense of scale and place.
Jean Marc captures the feeling of the natural world and shows the visual harmony that can exist between human and natural components. He constantly explores the ways that beauty can be found in industrial settings. This work often takes him to physically challenging and remote areas, which allows the viewer to have access to the beauty of these inhospitable areas.

Many large scale works have been commissioned by clients in Australia and internationally for corporate offices and private homes.

Jean Marc has received numerous international photography awards and has also exhibited in New York, Paris, Florence, Milan and Melbourne.

Represented by Monteoliveto Gallery, Paris.